Monday, June 20, 2011

Where to see streaming full-length MST3k Episodes

Pilot: The Green Slime (YouTube)
K01 Invaders from the Deep (YouTube)
K02 Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars (YouTube)
K03 Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2 (lost)
K04 Gamera v. Barugon (YouTube)
K05 Gamera (YouTube)
K06 Gamera v. Gaos (YouTube)
K07 Gamera v. Zigra (YouTube)
K08 Gamera v. Guiron (YouTube)
K09 Phase IV - (YouTube)
K10 Cosmic Princess (YouTube)
K11 Humanoid Woman (YouTube)
K12 Fugitive Alien (YouTube)
K13 SST: Death Flight (YouTube)
K14 Mighty Jack (YouTube)
K15 Superdome (YouTube)
K16 City on Fire (YouTube)
K17 Time of the Apes (YouTube)
K18 The Million Eyes of Sumuru (YouTube)
K19 Hangar 18 (
K20 The Last Chase (YouTube)
K21 The Legend of Dinosaurs (YouTube)

101 The Crawling Eye (YouTube) 
102 The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (YouTube) 
103 The Mad Monster (YouTube) 
104 Women of the Prehistoric Planet (YouTube)
105 The Corpse Vanishes (YouTube) 
106 The Crawling Hand (YouTube)
107 Robot Monster ( 
108 The Slime People (YouTube)
109 Project Moonbase (YouTube)
110 Robot Holocaust (YouTube)
111 Moon Zero Two (YouTube) 
112 Untamed Youth (YouTube)
113 The Black Scorpion (YouTube) 

201 Rocketship X-M (YouTube)
202 The Sidehackers (YouTube)
203 Jungle Goddess (YouTube) 
204 Catalina Caper (YouTube) 
205 Rocket Attack USA (YouTube) 
206 Ring of Terror  (YouTube) 
207 Wild Rebels (YouTube)
208 Lost Continent (YouTube) 
209 The Hellcats (YouTube)
210 King Dinosaur (YouTube) 
211 First Spaceship on Venus (YouTube) 
212 Godzilla v. Megalon - (
213 Godzilla v. the Sea Monster (

301 Cave Dwellers (YouTube) 
302 Gamera (YouTube) 
303 Pod People (YouTube) 
304 Gamera v. Barugon (YouTube)
305 Stranded in Space (YouTube)
306 Time of the Apes (YouTube) 
307 Daddy-O (YouTube)
308 Gamera v. Gaos (YouTube)
309 The Amazing Colossal Man (YouTube)
310 Fugitive Alien (YouTube) 
311 It Conquered the World (YouTube)
312 Gamera v. Guiron (YouTube)
313 Earth vs. the Spider (YouTube)
314 Mighty Jack (YouTube) 
315 Teenage Cave Man (YouTube)
316 Gamera v. Zigra (YouTube)
317 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (YouTube)
318 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II (YouTube) 
319 War of the Colossal Beast (YouTube) 
320 The Unearthly (YouTube
321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (YouTube)
322 Master Ninja I (YouTube)
323 The Castle of Fu Manchu (YouTube)
324 Master Ninja II (YouTube) 

401 Space Travelers (YouTube)
402 The Giant Gila Monster (YouTube)
403 City Limits (YouTube)
404 Teenagers from Outer Space (YouTube)
405 Being from Another Planet (YouTube)
406 Attack of the Giant Leeches (YouTube)
407 The Killer Shrews (YouTube)
408 Hercules Unchained (YouTube)
409 Indestructible Man (YouTube)
410 Hercules Against the Moon Men (YouTube)
411 The Magic Sword (YouTube)
412 Hercules and the Captive Women (YouTube)
413 Manhunt in Space (YouTube)
414 Tormented (YouTube)
415 The Beatniks (YouTube)
416 Fire Maidens of Outer Space (YouTube)
417 Crash of the Moons (YouTube)
418 Attack of the The Eye Creatures (YouTube)
419 The Rebel Set (YouTube)
420 The Human Duplicators (YouTube)
421 Monster A-Go-Go (YouTube)
422 The Day the Earth Froze (YouTube)
423 Bride of the Monster (
424 Manos: The Hands of Fate (YouTube)

501 Warrior of the Lost World (YouTube)
502 Hercules (YouTube)
503 Swamp Diamonds (YouTube)
504 Secret Agent Super Dragon (YouTube)
505 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (YouTube) (YouTube - with original commercials)
506 Eegah (YouTube)
507 I Accuse My Parents (YouTube)
508 Operation Double 007 (YouTube)
509 The Girl in Lovers Lane (YouTube)
510 Lassie: The Painted Hills (YouTube)
511 Gunslinger (YouTube)
512 Mitchell (YouTube)
513 The Brain that Wouldn't Die (YouTube)
514 Teenage Strangler (YouTube)
515 The Wild World of Batwoman (YouTube)
516 Alien from L.A. (YouTube)
517 Beginning of the End (YouTube)
518 The Atomic Brain (YouTube)
519 Outlaw of Gor (YouTube)
520 Radar Secret Service (YouTube)
521 Santa Claus (YouTube)
522 Teenage Crimewave (YouTube)
523 Village of the Giants (YouTube)
524 12 to the Moon (YouTube)

601 Girls Town (YouTube)
602 Invasion USA (YouTube)
603 The Dead Talk Back (YouTube)
604 Zombie Nightmare (YouTube)
605 Colossus and the Headhunters (YouTube)
606 The Creeping Terror (YouTube)
607 Bloodlust (YouTube)
608 Code Name Diamond Head (YouTube)
609 The Skydivers - (YouTube)
610 The Violent Years (YouTube)
611 Last of the Wild Horses (YouTube)
612 The Starfighters (YouTube)
613 The Sinister Urge (YouTube)
614 San Francisco International (YouTube)
615 Kitten with a Whip (YouTube)
616 Racket Girls (YouTube)
617 The Sword and the Dragon (YouTube)
618 High School Big Shot (YouTube)
619 Red Zone Cuba (YouTube)
620 Danger Death Ray (YouTube)
621 The Beast of Yucca Flats (YouTube)
622 Angels Revenge (YouTube)
623 The Amazing Transparent Man (YouTube)
624 Samson vs. the Vampire Women (YouTube)

701 Night of the Blood Beast (YouTube)
702 The Brute Man (YouTube)
703 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (YouTube)
704 The Incredible Melting Man (YouTube)
705 Escape 2000 (YouTube)
706 Laserblast (YouTube)

801 Revenge of the Creature (
802 The Leech Woman (YouTube)
803 The Mole People (YouTube)
804 The Deadly Mantis (YouTube)
805 The Thing That Couldn't Die (YouTube)
806 The Undead (YouTube)
807 Terror from the Year 5000 (YouTube)
808 The She-Creature (YouTube)
809 I Was a Teenage Werewolf (YouTube)
810 The Giant Spider Invasion (YouTube)
811 Parts: The Clonus Horror (YouTube)
813 Jack Frost (YouTube)
814 Riding with Death (YouTube)
815 Agent for HARM (YouTube)
816 Prince of Space (YouTube)
817 Horror of Party Beach (YouTube)
818 Devil Doll (YouTube)
819 Invasion of the Neptune Men (YouTube)
820 Space Mutiny (YouTube)
821 Time Chasers (YouTube)
822 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (YouTube)

901 The Projected Man (YouTube)
902 The Phantom Planet (YouTube)
903 The Pumaman (YouTube)
904 Werewolf (YouTube)
905 The Deadly Bees (YouTube)
906 The Space Children (YouTube)
907 Hobgoblins (YouTube)
908 The Touch of Satan (YouTube)
909 Gorgo (YouTube)
910 The Final Sacrifice ( in 1080p)
911 Devil Fish (YouTube)
912 The Screaming Skull (YouTube)
913 Quest of the Delta Knights (YouTube)

1001 Soultaker (YouTube)
1002 Girl in Gold Boots (YouTube)
1003 Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (YouTube)
1004 Future War (YouTube)
1005 Blood Waters of Dr. Z (YouTube)
1006 Boggy Creek II ( in 1080p)
1007 Track of the Moon Beast (YouTube)
1008 Final Justice (YouTube)
1009 Hamlet (YouTube)
1010 It Lives by Night (YouTube)
1011 Horrors of Spider Island (YouTube)
1012 Squirm (YouTube)
1013 Diabolik (YouTube)


  1. 812 is on google video

  2. Night of the blood beast is availible (the turkey day edition not the normal edition) @

  3. Just wanted to point out a few eps are on Hulu. Good quality streaming video, but w/ commercial interruptions.

    SEASON 6:
    The Starfighters

    SEASON 5:
    Horrors of Spider Island
    Ring of Terror
    Secret Agent Super Dragon

    SEASON 4:
    Monster A-Go-Go
    The Rebel Set
    The Giant Gila Monster

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  5. Two more for the list!

    MST3K - 320 - The Unearthly

    MST3K: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians episode 321

    Keep circulating the tapes!

  6. @MysticalNyte - I've posted the Unearthly link, but I have to reject the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians one - I'm focusing on feature-length uploads, not ones that are all chopped up.

  7. Full episode:
    MST3K - 402 - The Giant Gila Monster

  8. Episode 904 - Werewolf is on Google Videos.

  9. Full episode
    MST3K - 407 - Killer Shrews

  10. Full video of episode 911 - Devil Fish on YouTube.

  11. Godzilla vs. Megalon:

    1. You'll have to find some illegal way to watch it online. It's been pulled due to copyright law.

  12. Expiring from Netflix streaming on 11/12/2011. I've put a * next to those with no other source listed.

    208 Lost Continent
    301 Cave Dwellers*
    303 Pod People
    404 Teenagers from Outer Space*
    406 Attack of the Giant Leeches
    408 Hercules Unchained
    410 Hercules Against the Moon Men
    417 Crash of the Moons*
    621 The Beast of Yucca Flats

  13. Also on YouTube:

    908 Touch of Satan

  14. Thanks Cill, but I'm limiting this list to *full-length* episodes, not ones that are chopped up.

  15. Hey, I'm the guy who uploaded Godzilla vs Megalon. Got Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster here: Full Episode.

  16. New jack Frost upload


    512, Santa Vs the Martians.

  18. New Youtube links:

    The Crawling Eye -
    The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy -
    The Mad Monster -
    Werewolf -
    The Phantom Planet -
    Hobgoblins -
    Gamera -
    Gamera vs Zigra (Season 3) -
    Gamera vs Guiron (Season 3) -
    Gamera vs Gaos -
    Manos: The Hands of Fate -
    The Amazing Colossal Man -
    Space Mutiny -
    Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell -
    Soultaker -
    Mitchell -

  19. Ep 512, Radar Secret Service, full episode.

  20. Sorry, Radar Secret Service is episode 520 it seems.

  21. New Youtube links:

    Cave Dwellers -
    Pod People -
    Master Ninja I -
    Teenagers From Outer Space -
    The Indestructible Man -
    Manhunt In Space -
    Eegah! -
    Gunslinger -
    Radar Secret Service -
    Zombie Nightmare -
    The Sinister Urge -
    Escape 2000 -
    The Giant Spider Invasion -
    Overdrawn At The Memory Bank -
    The Touch Of Satan -
    Future War -
    The Horrors Of Spider Island -

  22. New Youtube links:

    The Crawling Hand -
    Robot Monster -
    Project Moonbase -
    Untamed Youth -
    Robot Holocaust -
    The Sidehackers -
    Jungle Goddess -
    Wild Rebels -
    Lost Continent -
    The Hellcats -
    King Dinosaur -
    Monster A-Go-Go -
    The Atomic Brain -
    Night of the Blood Beast -
    Laserblast -
    The Undead -
    Jack Frost -
    The Projected Man -

  23. This rules. Thanks so much for compiling.

  24. Whoops Jack Frost is Sorry.

  25. New Youtube links:

    Master Ninja II -
    Attack of the Giant Leeches -
    The Beatniks -
    Crash of the Moons -
    The Rebel Set -
    The Girl in Lovers Lane -
    Alien from L.A. -
    Beginning of the End -
    Santa Claus -
    Village of the Giants -
    Colossus and the Headhunters -
    The Skydivers -
    Last of the Wild Horses -
    Racket Girls -
    Red Zone Cuba -
    The Beast of Yucca Flats -
    I Was a Teenage Werewolf -
    Parts: The Clonus Horror -
    Devil Doll -
    The Final Sacrifice -
    Blood Waters of Dr. Z -
    Final Justice -

    Last batch unless someone can manage to upload Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster and the KTMA Gamera episodes.

  26. They keep taking the Gamera ones off you tube.. Please post them on putlocker or sockshare both are free hosting streaming services. Please!!!!! Thanks in advance.

  27. S10e06 Boggy Creek II is gone.

    This site is still great, though.

  28. Hey Rex, here's a fresh helping of Boggy Creek s10e06. I like it VERY MUCH!

  29. This post is absolutely brilliant--thank you sooo much for putting all these links together like this! Now I can actually stop watching my 17-19-year-old tapes when I go to sleep every night; instead, I've just been coming here to watch whatever episode strikes my fancy. Bless you--may your forehead grow like the mighty oak!

    FWIW, another Santa Claus vs. the Martians link:

  30. Crash of the Moons:

    Thanks again for this post!

  31. Hobgoblins (full)

  32. Here's Star Force: Fugitive Alien II on youtube

  33. can u please upload them somewhere else from netflix??? netflix is not available in India...hard drive degausser

  34. you my friend ARE BEAUTIFUL


    Godzilla v. Megalon 1 of 2

  36. Hey, T.S., already they've unfortunately removed that link. Have you tried uploading that file to Vimeo, Putlocker/Filedrive or megaupload?

  37. Link for Rocket Ship-XM is for Side Hackers. One link that works is:

  38. Found K18 along with files for the KTMA episodes here:

    1. That must be where they got their start, on a local UHF channel, in Minneapolis - I remember KTMA, channel 23. They once aired APOCALYPSE NOW, uncut, w/either NO commercial breaks or only like 2 or 3. Pretty cool for a broadcast station!

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  40. Killer Shrew (407) can be seen here:

  41. There seems to be quite a few streaming now available on Netflix again. Did you want to add those URL's?

  42. I noticed that for whatever reason The Deadly Bees is one of the only episodes not up on Youtube, so I uploaded it myself

  43. Can anybody try putting "the thing that couldn't die" on youtube using a disguised name so maybe NBC won't scan and find the movie there?? I'm assuming the have programs that scan the net for movies with they're content in them or something like that?? What do you think??

  44. Nice try cody575!! Whoever has a copy of that movie PLEA$E CONTACT ME: PLEA$E!!

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  46. Hello. Can someone answer me this... Why are some mst3k are blocked from YouTube? It seems if even one is allowed, that all would be allowed.

    PS... Thanks for all you guys have done on this site by listing the links.

    We got movie sign

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  49. Heads up.
    804 The Deadly Mantis - The link is inactive.
    A new one is needed.

    Have to keep places like this alive!

    1. Thanks, found it on and I've updated the link!

  50. The Thing That Couldn't Die is now on YouTube.

  51. Check out my youtube page at "mst3kme", (username),! The episodes I've collected are second hand links , but they work and they're all in one place, of what I have, that is!?

    mst3k star force fugitive alien 2

  53. Hi, this page is keeping me sane while remotely working. I love it so much. Some of the links are unavailable, but I found a way to watch "The Projected Man" today:
    Thanks again for all you do to maintain this list!!

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  55. Thank you for this!!! I am thinking of restarting Club MST, but that may be beyond me.

  56. Twelve to the Moon link is gone. New link v=W5ni3tD9UBs

  57. Kitten with a Whip now

  58. Thank you for putting this up, I miss Club MST so much!! If you ever want to stop keeping this page up, please let me know. I am willing to keep it up forever!!